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Ava_7Hi! My name is Ava! My mom is Suzanne Chan of Mom Confessionals. You can say I literally was born into social media. My mom started her blog before I was born, all about me! How cool is that? I just got my first computer, now my own blog… next up, my very own iPhone (hint hint mom!)

Why do I have a blog?  I always have something to say and my mom says to tell someone else.  Funny mom, real funny.  I just turned 7 and that is HUGE!  I can read and write!  But sometimes I make mistakes.  Computers are great because they have “auto-correct” but my mom says they aren’t always “correct”.  So far so good for me!

Contact me and my mom at:  ava@momconfessionals.com

Because I’m only 7, you can bet my mom is checking and reading all my mail (as well as everything else I do).  WHAT?!  You didn’t think she’d let me have free reign did you?  She is a (2nd generation) Chinese mom.  Duh.


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